BREAKING: New Poll Shows Trump’s Attempt To Take Down The Media Is An Epic Fail!

A new poll finds that Americans trust the news resources CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times more than they trust President Trump, Axios reported on Tuesday.

Among all adults, trust in the accuracy of CNN’s reporting is 7 points ahead of trust in Trump’s veracity. Also, among independents, CNN wins by 15 points.

Remember, on Sunday Trump tweeted a doctored video of a WWE wrestling match between himself and a pro wrestler with a “CNN” logo (quite stupidly) super-imposed on his head.

That was a clear sign that Trump not only wants to continue his war on a free press, but escalate an ongoing war of rhetoric between the president and the cable news outlet, which he has repeatedly tried to persecute as “fake news.”

When asked whether they trust Trump or WaPo and/or the NYT more, the newspapers win by 9 points among adults. When Trump is pitted against ABC/CBS/NBC, the networks are judged more trustworthy by an 11-point margin.

The poll was a sample of about 5000 Americans by Survey Monkey, a reputable polling site with only a 2.5% error margin.