BREAKING: Trump Causes 70-Year Ally Germany To Make This Stunning Hostile Move!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has overseen a change to her party’s manifesto that removes the use of the word “friend” when mentioning the United States.

The subtle but all-important change in wording reflects a skepticism and hostility toward the Trump Administration not seen in modern U.S. history.

4 years ago, the joint program of the Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), referred to the United States as Germany’s “most important friend” outside of Europe. Now it refers to the USA as Germany’s “most important partner” outside of Europe.

But that is not the only change in the wording that reveals a shift in attitude toward Washington D.C.

The 2013 program also described Germany’s “friendship” with the United States as a key building block in the country’s international relations.

But now, all references to the words “friend” and “friendship” have been erased from the program.