Idiot Republican Grover Norquist Says Taxing Wealthy Is “Mean” And Hurts Their Pretty Pink Noses

Conservative anti-taxation advocate Grover Norquist is slamming a reported plan from White House adviser Steve Bannon to raise tax rates on wealthy Americans.

“It’s a particularly cruel thing for Bannon to do,” said Norquist, who represents Americans for Tax Reform, to Brooke Baldwin of CNN on Monday.

Norquist claimed that tax cuts would lead to more jobs, of course, channeling them old trickle-down economics that only ever existed in Ronald Reagan’s head.

But soon, he let viewers know the personal greed and spite behind his stance.

“It might make somebody feel good to know that somebody else is paying higher taxes,” Norquist continued. “That’s a cruel thing to do when you’re hurting somebody.”

Recently, a report from the Congressional Research Service found zero linkage between top tax rates and economic growth over 65 years.

Here’s a Twitter video Baldwin posted of her Interview With A Moron: