Independence Day Poll! Which Founding Father Would HATE Donald Trump The Most?

As our July 4th cook-outs and beer indulgence prepares to take place across the good land this Independence Day, it’s cathartic to look back at American history.

And, to try just for a moment to imagine what the Founding Fathers would have thought of a clownish President like Donald J. Trump.

The Founders were not close to perfect men – many were, after all, slave-owning philanderers. But they did contribute a lot of wisdom to the topic of how to form a government, who to hire to run your government…and who not to.

Let’s take an informal poll of how readers think 4 of the most famous Fathers might view Trump – Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

Franklin might defend Trump’s use of wrestling imagery and other crudeness, as he called America “rougher, more violent and more enterprising” than other nations. But as an internationalist, Benji would never approve of Donald’s treatment of Europe.

Washington might hand The Orange One a rifle, a bayonet, and a week’s rations…and tell the soft old blob of lard to really prove his manhood.

Adams would call Trump’s manners “incredible,” his favorite insult. But Adams could have the most in common with Trump, both big believers in central authority.

Finally, Thomas Jefferson was a civil libertarian who would stand by the right of the people to vote for anyone they choose – but he would also strike down an Eastern enemy with furor, and the same goes for traitors who colluded with them!

Which of the Founders do you think would despise the Trumps most? Vote in comments!