Trump Just Insulted Veterans In A HUGE Way This 4th Of July

According to fresh polling data, military families are growing less enthusiastic about President Trump.

That’s going by polling data that The Wall Street Journal collected last month, which suggested that that military communities nationwide are losing faith in Trump’s administration.

Why? There are 2 ways, 1 which has bothered vets and their families the most.

First, Trump signed an extension of the Veterans Choice health care bill originally made law in 2014. Conservative veterans believe that the bill increases the red-tape burden on waiting, and paying, for treatment.

But worse still was last week’s big announcement of new VA laws that some see as big-government intrusion.

“With Trump, a big part of his campaign was to reform the VA and make it work better,” Pennsylvania VA official Stan Clark told The Huffington Post. “(The new VA setup) is ridiculous.”