BREAKING: Special Counsel Closes In As Mueller Charges Trump Team With Foreign Espionage!

Special counsel Robert Mueller has issued subpoenas in recent weeks for the bank records of President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, D.C. reporters working for Bloomberg have learned.

Mueller’s team gave the orders in concert with the Washington grand jury to global banks, seeking relevant transaction records and other banking information that involve Manafort and Russian money-laundering operations.

The subpoenas also seek information on Manafort’s companies and his corrupt former business partner Rick Gates.

Reportedly, Mueller is taking a close look at Manafort’s lobbying for a pro-Russian party in Ukraine before he was hired to represent the Trump campaign.

Experts believe that the special counsel is pursuing a line of espionage charges on Donald Trump similar to how the CIA brought down Al Capone, with a dirty, foreign-bribery money trail making up for a lack of eye witness accounts.